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Our Story

Joel Beckham has been in the industry 33 years running numerous subsidiary infrastructure owned companies such as framing, roofing, and other trades. We also have our own drafting and design companies that can fulfill all your design needs. These subsidiary companies have become an imperative component for the entire building project, creating a seamless structure between some of the larger trades within the building and development process.

With the help of numerous proprietors, estimators, administrators, and general management, we became a full-service building and development company, general contracting the entire project from concept to completion. 

With our committed team, we look forward to serving you with all of your building and development needs.

We have created a unique approach within our development process that follows the 3P values: People, Planet, Philanthropy. Within The DVE Project, our recent developments are made up of three components, an agricultural, a high return single family homes, and an affordable housing component, fulfilling our 3P commitment.

We Are The DVE Project

The DVE Project is the idea that capitalism can be both profitable and impactful for the communities we serve. The DVE Project is mission-driven for both sustainability and environmental conscious practices.

DVE Building and Development along with all of our subsidiary companies fund DVE Ministries 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The DVE Ministries fund local outreaches and support positive change within its communities and worldwide. DVEMinistries.com.

Our Expert Team

We have over 106 years of experience in the construction industry between upper management.


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Joel Beckham


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Yvan Sison

Construction Admin

Steven Barron

Steven Barron

Job Site Coordinator & Quality Control

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Alan Mikowski

Construction Superintendent

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